Our season is from May 11st through October 31st.

Both the Yurt  and Safari Tent are located approximately 150 yards from the parking area. It is about a 4 minute walk to them from the parking area. A backpack is recommended. Otherwise you may have to make a few trips to your vehicle.

Please keep in mind that the yurt is equipped with a small solar panel that keeps a battery charged for minimal lighting of the yurt. It does not porvide AC current like you have in your home, so appliances you normally would plug in at home will not work. We do not have TV or radios. With that said, please keep lighting useage to a minimum to insure you have power to operate the water pump which uses the battery. This same holds true for the toilet/shower house provided for the Safari Tent.

Bring warm clothing, as evenings, even in the summer can be cool here in the mountains.

Bring a flashlight adn fresh batteries. There is no lighting beyond the immediate areas of the facilities, and in case you must go to your car at night, a flashlight is necessary. A led light that you can wear as a headband is perfect.

Bring your personal hygene items like toothpaste, soap, shampoo etc. Don't forget that your electric shaver will not work. Also don't forget your towels and washcloths. Linens and bedding is provided.

Bring your food and beverages. We provide a 5 gallon picnic cooler with potable water for cooking and drinking, however if you prefer bottled water you must bring it. We also provide a picnic cooler with BLOCK ice. If you wish to have cubed ice you must purchase it prior to arriving.

Do not keep food inside the units as you surely do not want critters entering.

We encourage the use of disposable flatware and plates to minimize the water consumpton, although some flatware, cooking utinsels are provided. We provide a coffee pot and filters that  you use on the side burner of the gas grille at the yurt, or the camping stove provided at the tent.  All cooking must be done out doors.

Don't forget your medications.

We have insects that do bite, like mosquitos and gnats, so bring either repellant or clothing that will protect you from these pests.

Cell service is very unpredictable at the yurt. there is an elevated area near the yurt that you may be able to pick up a cell tower. It is not always the case, and your calls may be dropped.

There is a 30 gallon water storage tank that we fill daily for non drinking use. We do ask that guests be conservative in it's use. Take shorter showers than you normally would at home with an endless supply.

Of all the wildlife you will be coexisting with while here, bears deserve the most attention. Although not generally dangerous, and it extremely rare that you will ever encounter one at all, it is important to know about their habits. Because they hibernate in winter, spring and summer is the time when they forage for food to put on the fat necessary to survive. This would be the only reason they would visit your area. Thus it is important to keep all goodies they might be looking for out of their reach. Don't go away and leave food laying around on picnic tables, or coolers where they can be ravaged. Not only bears are on the lookout for food but others such as raccoons can take advantage of accessable human food. We maintain a clean area around the premises and critters are not used to finding a meal here, but they do wander about, and have an excellent sence of smell.


When  hiking or walking about, be observant, and don't be too quiet. Most encounters between bears and humans that are agressive are caused by them being surprised by your presence, especially a mother bear with a cub or two. So don't be too quiet, make some chatter or noise as you walk along and you will probably never see a bear as they will run off before you get there. Black bears do NOT stalk people, and are very elusive. There are repellant products on the market that you can carry to ward off critters. You can find these products in any sporting goods stores such as Gander Mtn.

Although we don't like rules, we do have a few that we ask our guests to honor.

Campfires are to be in designated fire rings, and firewood is available for those fires. Gathering firewood from the forest is prohibited. Do not move the fire rings.

We wish to keep the forest as natural as possible, and trails are provided for our guests to use. Please remain on the trails as not to disturb the beauty of the natural forest by trampling the ground vegetation.

We do encourage a peaceful visit. We have two accomodations on the property so respect the other guests who may be at the other site. Quiet time 10:00 pm to 8:00 am.

Vistiors are expected to respect the property and will be responsible for any damaged caused.

Unauthorized vehicles are not permitted .

Thank you for staying with us at the Willowemoc Wild Forest Yurt and our Safari Tent Jock. We hope you have a pleasant stay. We strive to make it as enjoyable as possible.