We invite you to visit our yurt in it's private setting. Quiet, and relaxing, and quite likely the most rejuvenating experience you will ever have.   Book your stay now.


   Our Yurt dream started long before the actual purchase of one.

   On the walks through the forest that we own, we would often marvel of just how peaceful our little corner of the country was. Flanked  between two larger tracts of undeveloped private land, and butting up to the Catskill Forest Preserve, contributes to this feeling of peace and solitude.

   When we first discovered yurts, and read of the overwhelming feeling of pleasure that folks experienced when they visited or stayed in a yurt, we knew that this was the way we wanted to share our forest, with the addition of one of these enchanting structures.

Below we have posted some photos that reflect the progress of our yurts existance, from selecting the site to building the platforms and erecting the yurt. Enjoy
This page was last updated: May 26, 2013
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